A comprehensive review on IoT based smart cities


  • Kumarsagar M. Dange Nanasaheb Mahadik College of Engineering, India




A smart city uses information and communication technology to improve the utility, share knowledge with the public, and provide a strong sense of community support and local government assistance. Shrewd urban communities are those that make use of brilliant ideas and information as the required resources to address the maintainability issues that urban communities face. Many metropolitan areas are currently becoming more intelligent, utilizing information and innovation to advance transportation, energy consumption, wellness, and air quality, as well as to spur economic growth. A great city's main objective is to streamline municipal operations, promote economic development, and address resident happiness through clever developments and data analysis. We intended to spend a great amount of time reading up on several shrewd urban groups in this post. As a result, some of the key boundaries that can bebuilt include clever management, clever energy, clever building, clever flexibility, clever structure, clever invention, clever medical care, and clever residence. Urban areas collect and analyze information using IoT devices such as connected sensors, lighting, and meters. The foundation, public usage, and administrations, to name just a few, are all progressively developed in urban areas using this knowledge. Smart urban communities focus on improving the lives of their residents in such fundamental areas as strategy effectiveness, reducing waste and everyday problems, improving friendly and financial quality, and enhancing the social consideration of their residents.



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K. M. Dange, “A comprehensive review on IoT based smart cities”, Sustainable Engineering and Innovation, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 48-57, May 2023.