Influence of external loads to wind turbine tower


  • Marin Petrovic University of Sarajevo
  • Nejra Isic University of Sarajevo



One of the most important parts of a wind turbine is a tower. There are various designs of the wind turbine towers, and they are most often made of steel pipes, lattice towers or concrete towers. In order to increase energy density to meet the growing electricity needs, larger wind turbine projects have been developed. Larger wind turbine towers can generate more electricity, but such large sizes also create higher costs in terms of development and maintenance. This research sets up a model of a wind turbine tower, where the load to the tower is calculated by its relation to the wind velocity. Analytical approach coupled with a finite element method (FEM) is used to analyse the distribution of tower stresses under these loads. The fatigue analysis of the column is performed using the load from its own weight, the weight of the housing and the distribution of the wind velocity. The effects of different loads are also compared. The results show that the main loads of the tower are the wind force acting on the area of ??rotation of the wind turbine blades and the moment caused by the uneven wind velocity. Construction is modelled using SolidWorks modelling package, where the analysis was performed using FEM in ANSYS software. As a result of the analysis, the stress distribution in the support was determined and compared with analytical calculations.



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M. Petrovic and N. Isic, “Influence of external loads to wind turbine tower”, Sustainable Engineering and Innovation, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 112-120, Jul. 2021.