Slitted inset fed butterfly-shaped microstrip patch antenna


  • Mustafa Indzic Student
  • Şehabeddin Taha İmeci



In this paper, design and simulation of a High Frequency Slitted Butterfly-shaped Inset Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna is studied. As its name says, butterfly-shaped antenna is introduced with symmetric indentations at the top, bottom and sides. Excitation was used at the bottom point of the antenna with inset and via feeding. An input match (S11) of -34.48 dB at the resonance frequency of 26.35 GHz with an electric field phi-polarized gain of 7.37 dB were obtained. Cross polarization level (electric field theta-polarized) is -20 dB. The 26 GHz band covers the 3.25 GHz of spectrum between 24.25 GHz and 27.5 GHz and is being prioritized across Europe as the first high frequency band for 5G. This high frequency spectrum (known as ‘mmWave spectrum’), offers very high data capacity and speeds but with a limited range.



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M. Indzic and Şehabeddin T. İmeci, “Slitted inset fed butterfly-shaped microstrip patch antenna ”, Sustainable Engineering and Innovation, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 102-109, Jul. 2020.